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I been through way too much just to give up, so we ain’t slowin down for no one
There’s a world to wake up, you hear us callin get the phone
Our persona, dreamers till we die and we all go homa
Succeed beyond what anyone believed you could’ve sown up

Crazy, think you gonna pay me, crazy for sellin out my body just to make it
You ain’t heard the news papers never gonna change me
Though I’m makin moves and you can catch it on the daily
Fellas say they like my flow, but let my body cord kord chord Group 1 Crew - Take It There lyrics kunci gitar show
Then maybe I chords Group 1 Crew - Take It There lyrics lyrics can climb the charts up on the radio
Decided long ago my mind is gonna take me
Everywhere I gotta go so no no they won’t play me

Ain’t gotta see it to believe
There ain’t nothing outta reach
We got it in us to succeed
If you want it gotta take it there [x2]

Eye on the prize no room for lost time
I got money on my mind sike rewind
got my future on my mind future future on my mind
dreaming of the day these young bucks come alive
cause you can be whatever you like
you just gotta chase it and fight lose sleep
if you have to at night and I promise the day will come
when you shine call me the lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Group 1 Crew - Take It There lyrics download mp3 fireman cause blazin this land
with a torch no man can take for yo hand
so let the game begin and see you at the finish line mang

I ain’t gotta show you what I got in my driveway
I just gotta show you what I got on the highway
I ain’t gotta tell you what I spend to stay fly hey
I just gotta tell you what it takes to lean my way
You ain’t gotta ask about accounts or my money
You just gotta know I’m in the kitchen cause I’m hungry
I ain’t tryin to be the next jay z and Beyonce
I just wanna girl who can respect what her mom say
No matter where I go bet I know to stay low low low
So when we blow betta know it’s gonna show oh oh
That he done gave me errrthing to make it grow oh oh
We stack chips for the after life show you right

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